Help for akd-service-lr.php

This page renders optional text blocks above and below two side-by-side images. It is intended for describing different dental procedures or services from the same template.

The text blocks and images of the procedure are retrieved from from a directory with the same name as the procedure. The text blocks must be named "above.htm" and "below.htm". The images must be named "left.ext" and "right.ext". ".jpg", ".png" and ".gif" are the supported extensions.

If an image is not found, then a default image is displayed in its place.

If a text block is not found, then nothing is displayed in its place. Text blocks may contain html, except <script> tags are not allowed.

A 'name=' parameter is required in the querystring to specify the procedure name and must match the name of the directory that contains the images and text blocks.

All other querystring parameters are optional.

The 'css=' parameter may be a string containing css styling rules or may specify an html path an external css file.

The 'labl-l=' and 'lbl-r' parameters replace "Before" and "After" for labels below the left and right pictures, respectively.

Page Syntax:

akd-service-lr.php ?name=name of procedure...

Optional Parameters:
 &lbll=Label for the picture on the left
 &lblr=Label for the picture on the right
 &css=css specification that overrides default styling
 &tab=title that appears on the browser tab
 &title=title that appears in the page <h1> heading
 &topic=html content that appears between the heading and the pdf
 &trailer=html content that appears between the page body and the page footer
 &tags=comma-delimited list of meta keyword tags

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