About Dr. Kang

Dr. Kang
After many successful years as a software engineer at ARK Interface and Microsoft, Dr. Kang decided to pursue his true passion in dentistry. The analytical thinking and attention to detail that he developed in his first career became a perfect foundation for patient care, as he has progressed to one of the most well-respected family dentists and prosthodontic specialists in the Puget Sound region.

He returned to the University of Washington School, obtaining his DDS degree while receiving high honors and awards in esthetic/cosmetic dentistry. In 2003, Dr. Kang was one of three dentists accepted into the UW's nationally acclaimed and world-renowned Prosthodontics Program. There, he earned his Masters of Science in Dentistry. Three additional years of specialized training in dental implants, full-mouth reconstruction, and other complex dental treatments enables Dr. Kang to provide the most advanced care possible.

With a research-based focus on function and esthetics, Dr. Kang is committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality dental care to enhance and maintain your smile. He uses the latest technologies, including digital radiography, digital photography, electric hand pieces, and CAD/CAM. He believes in personalized oral care while providing a comfortable environment for you and your family.

Professionally, Dr. Kang has lectured nationally and serves as an Affiliate Professor at the UW School of Dentistry. He is an active member of numerous national dental organizations and serves on the Executive Board of his UW Dentistry and Prosthodontics Alumni Associations.

Away from work, Dr. Kang is a devoted husband and father who enjoys spending time with his family and friends. In his spare time, he is an avid golfer, competitive squash/racquetball player, and loves to travel and enjoy the great outdoors.
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