Help for dqm-pdf.php

This page renders a .pdf document in the topic area of the standard master page. The pdf is embedded in an object tag with fallback to a conventional anchor tag

A 'doc=' parameter is required in the querystring and must specify a URL to the pdf document of interest. It may be an absolute or relative URL and may reference a .pdf document from another website. '~/' at the beginning of the URL is interpreted as a relative reference to the root directory of this website.

All other querystring parameters are optional.

The 'viewer=' parameter designates which pdf viewer to use. You may specify 'N' for the native (usually Adobe) viewer, 'G' for the Google viewer, or 'V' for the VeryPDF viewer.

Currently using: Google PDF Viewer

The 'css=' parameter may be a string containing css styling rules or may specify a file system path an external css file.

The 'options=' parameter is appended to the document URL and may be used to pass open arguments to the pdf viewer. Valid options vary by pdf viewer.

The 'height=' parameter is useful for adjusting the height of the topic area to better fit the pdf document and possibly minimize scrollbars.

Page Syntax:

dqm-pdf.php ?doc=URL to pdf document [optional parameters...]

Optional Parameters:
 &css=css specification that overrides default styling
 &height=a css height specification for height of document viewing area
 &options=comma-delimited list of open parameters for the pdf viewer
 &tab=title that appears on the browser tab
 &title=title that appears in the page <h1> heading
 &topic=html content that appears between the heading and the pdf
 &trailer=html content that appears between the pdf and the page footer
 &tags=comma-delimited list of meta keyword tags
 &viewer=a 1-character code to designate the embedded pdf viewer

This URL embeds an Adobe PDF Reference in a new window using Google Viewer: Guide using Google Viewer
  trace: Session Started: c33c7e91bfcb9945a7544374915462ed at
  trace: DQM_SITE=/home/alexka5/public_html
  trace: DQM_ROOT=/home/alexka5/public_html/wwwroot
  trace: DQM_HERE=/home/alexka5/public_html/wwwroot/muse/pages
  trace: DQM_MUSE=/home/alexka5/public_html/muse/base
  trace: DQM_FILE=/home/alexka5/public_html/wwwroot/muse/pages/dqm-pdf.php
  trace: DQM_HOME=/wwwroot
  trace: DQM_BASE=/muse/base
  trace: DQM_SELF=/wwwroot/muse/pages/dqm-pdf.php
  trace: DQM_PAGE=dqm-pdf.php
  trace: DQM_CONFIG=akd.ini
  trace: DQM_REGION=wwwroot
  trace: DQM_SID=wwwroot
  trace: DQM_KERNEL=dqm-framework-v2.phpi
  trace: DQM_VERSION=2.4
  trace: DQM_REFERER=
  trace: diagnostics=1
  trace: admin=
  trace: notices=
  trace: errors=
  trace: alert=1
  trace: debug=
  trace: trace=1
  trace: Config Find=dqm.ini
  trace: Config File=/home/alexka5/public_html/dqm.ini
  trace: Config Section=[wwwroot] Prefix=DQM
  trace: Config Section=[prod] Prefix=DQM
  trace: Config Section=[akd] Prefix=DQM
  trace: Config Find=akd.ini
  trace: Config File=/home/alexka5/public_html/akd.ini
  trace: Config Section=[wwwroot] Prefix=AKD
  trace: Config Section=[prod] Prefix=DQM
  trace: Config Section=[AKD] Prefix=AKD
  trace: Config Done=akd.ini
  trace: Config Done=dqm.ini
  trace: object data
  ...Google PDF Viewer